Launched in 2008, the Art Awareness Project is designed to educate students in Medina County and beyond about different occupations in the arts, and to allow them to interact with artists from every walk of life. The program is targeted to high school art students, who attend in-school workshops along with after-school workshops at the Sargent-Laessig Museum of Fine Arts.


Students have the opportunity to meet various kind of artists, including graphic designers, architects, art educators and fine artists  Unifying all of the workshop sessions and discussions is the principal idea that art surrounds us everywhere and that the role of the the artist is to interpret and portray art for the enrichment and enjoyment of all.


The pilot program in Art Awareness began with art students at Brunswick High School, located in Northeast Ohio. After receiving a tremendous amount of enthusiasm form the students involved, the CAC is continuing to expand by increasing the number of workshops involved, as well as implementing the program in more local school districts.


The CAC's Pilot Program in Art Awareness was completed in 2009 for which founder Sara Kass was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation by the Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OESCA) at a special award ceremony in Columbus, Ohio.

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