suggested supply list for:

don andrews

~ Any size sketchpad

~ Markers or pencils

~ 10 sheets of watercolor paper (Don uses Arches Cold press 140lb.)

~ Students are encouraged to work at any size they wish, but have plenty of paper on hand.

~ One easel per student (preferably a table easel, Don uses a French Box easel) as we will be working on a slant.

~ The usual watercolor supplies: Palette, paint, brushes, water container, paint board with clamps, paper towels, etc.

~ Several photos, sketches or other source material for class study.


NOTE: Don presently uses the Robert Simmons synthetic white sable brushes, although other brands are satisfactory.  Round brushes include sizes 36, 26, 14, 10.  Flat brushes include 2”,1 ½” and 1”.





 Don is often asked what colors he has on his palette so we are providing a list of what he currently uses, though it’s not important that students have the same colors.  Don emphasizes that you should have 2 light, 2 medium, and 2 dark of all the primary colors. Most professional brands are interchangeable and include Holbein, Windsor Newton, Daniel Smith.  Don currently uses American Journey watercolors from Cheap Joes Art Stuff. (The colors below are listed from light to dark in each column.)


Turquoise Blue

Naples Yellow

Halloween Orange

Manganese Blue

Lemon Yellow

Red Hot Mama (Scarlet Lake)

Cerulean Blue

Aureolin Yellow

Fire Engine Red (Cad. Red)

Cobalt Blue

New Gamboge Fuschia (Opera)

Ultramarine Blue

Raw Sienna

Rose Madder

Peacock Blue

Burnt Sienna

Alizarin Crimson

Prussian Blue


Sap Green

Hookers Green Dark


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