Workshops at the Cliffside Artists Collaborative are staffed by a noted artist who interacts with the participants in the process of art awareness and enrichment. The workshops acquaint the students with various paint and media techniques and introduce them to concepts such as light, color and value.


The artist conducting the workshops also speak to the students about planning for a career in art and introduce them to the various forms of artistic expression that would enable them to make a living in today's art world.


The Art Awareness Workshops are available for credit to high school art students. In Medina County, a minimum of 60 hours is needed to qualify for a 1/2 elective/art credit. Students in all other school districts should check with their guidance counselor to see if credit is available.


The CAC also offers art educators workshops for teachers earning graduate credit or contact hours. Credits can be obtained through the University of Akron or Ashland University. 30 hours of classroom instruction is needed for 2 credits.

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