suggested supply list for:

carolyn e. lewis

- oil paint

     (any brand, professional grade if you can afford. I use mostly Winsor & Newton, but also Holbein and some Rembrandt, etc.)

     ~ titanium white

     ~ cadmium yellow lemon

     ~ cadmium yellow pale

     ~ cadmium red light

     ~ permanent rose

     ~ alizarin crimson or permanent alizarin crimson

     ~ manganese blue hue

     ~ cobalt blue (optional)

     ~ ultramarine blue

     ~ viridian

     ~ yellow ochre pale

     ~ terra rosa

     ~ transparent red oxide

     ~ ivory black


- brushes

     ~ 4-5 brushes including some either bristle (hogs hair), filbert or softer brushes (mongoose or synthetic) such as Rosemary & Co. Brushes (ivory) ranging in sizes for instance #2, 4, 6, 8, 10

     ~ rigger brush (size #0 or similar)

     ~ suggested brands are rosemary & co. (link), silver brush, royal & langnickel, isabey and/or winsor & newton


- medium

     ~ winsor & newton liquin alkyd painting medium


- canvas

     ~ stretched canvas or canvas panels. 12x16 or under. one for the exercise and at least on for another painting which can be white or toned to your preference.

     ~ another option is using the inexpensive canvas boards the grumbacher, utrecht, dick blick and michael's sell. these are fine for class work. if you use these however, i would suggest that you re-prime them with an acrylic primer of choice.

     ~ for the exercise, please prepare a 12x16 white canvas board. divide the panel into 4 equal segments. tape off the center lines with thin masking tape (not the blue type)


- palette

     ~ a non-white palette of your choice. preferably 12x16. toned a middle gray value if possible. if glass (preferably non glare) either tape a middle gray paper under it or paint the bottom of the glass with a gray acrylic paint.


- miscellaneous

     ~ 8oz. odorless mineral spirits such as gamsol or turpenoid

     ~ 1" or 2" angular trowel shaped palette knife or similar

     ~ brush washer or other container for mineral spirits

     ~ paper towels (viva kleenex is good) and wipes (optional) for hands

     ~ razor blade or scraper to remove paint from palette

     ~ blue pastel pencil (for drawing on canvas)

copyright 2017 cliffside artists collaborative