suggested supply list for:

sharon m. borror

- palette, or other white, flat working surface


- water container


- brushes (following suggested, but not necessary)

     ~ 3/4" or 1" flat

     ~ #4 or #5 round

     ~ #8 or #9 round


- paints (whatever you have on your palette; but at least 2 reds, 2 blues and 2 yellows)

     ~ cool red (alizarin crimson or permanent rose)

     ~ warm red (vermillion or cadmium scarlet, etc.)

     ~ cool yellow (lemon yellow, winsor yellow or aureolin)

     ~ warm yellow (cadmium yellow or new gamboge, etc.)

     ~ cool blue (cerulean, manganese or winsor blue)

     ~ basic blue (french ultramarine or cobalt)

     ~ optional colors (ie earth tones - burnt sienna, raw sienna and/or yellow ochre)

      ~ no blacks or whites needed


- paper

     ~ 140# cold press watercolor paper (winsor & newton, arches, strathmore or kilimanjaro come in 32" x 40" sheets); at least one full sheet or 6 pieces no smaller than 7" square and another piece of "comfortable working size" for you.

     ~ a board to support the paper and tape or clips to secure it to the board


- soft lead pencil


- kneaded eraser


-paper towels or tissues


- reference for subject matter

     ~ photographs

     ~ magazine pictures

     ~ actual objects

copyright 2017 cliffside artists collaborative